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About Our Merchants

South Mall Mercantile has a unique selection of vendors that truly make our mall a “Unique Shopping Experience”.  If you are looking for that one of a kind, hard to find, special item, or just a gift or collectible you’ll find what you need by roaming the aisle of our store.

We have many vendors who specialize in antiques, whether it be primitive, glassware, advertising, lighting or just that nostalgic item from the past that brings back many memories.  We also have vendors who specialize in collectibles, whether you’re into Star Wars, Beanie Babies, Boyd’s Bears and the list could go on and on.  If you’re looking for that special handmade item such as soaps, wooden items, floral arrangements, wreaths and much more, you will find that as well.  If you are looking for collectible coins, or just gold or silver items we have a vendor who specializes in those items, whether you are buying or selling.  If you are looking for souvenir t-shirts, key rings or mugs, etc. you will find it here.

In the front of our store we have South Mall Mercantile General Store.  In here you will find many food items from local and Lancaster county venues and various snack items.  We feature Kitchen Kettle products, Bauman’s Apple butters, Stockin’s Honey, Reading Draft Sodas, Whitely’s Peanuts,  our own whole bean or ground coffee and even fresh brewed coffee.


Our vendors take pride in presenting their merchandise in a professional and organized manner.   They are the heart of our store.

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